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close-up photo Pachnoda thoracica

Photo: Tomas Libich

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Name: West
Date: 11.01.2011 v 10:20:31
Note: have large collection of unusual/rare insects, mostly Beetles, Scorpion, butterfly from the Arusha region of Tanzania in East Africa. I'm the best exporter.
Get from me any hard to find Insects, amphibians, reptiles, animals and birds from Africa.

Name: leo
Date: 29.12.2010 v 12:30:04
Note: eu gostei muito do saite mas os flower beetle realmente existe ? eu achei q unss era verdade e outros nao

Name: allyson Berrie
Date: 13.12.2010 v 20:26:17
Note: i am a supplier of goliathus beetles,
quadrimaculatus,albatus,conspersus etc

Name: woochan
Date: 29.09.2010 v 17:32:00
Note: I have a question.
Is this site selling bugs?

Date: 15.09.2010 v 22:09:41
Note: I am starting a collection of larger african beetles and am looking for suppliers.

Name: Martin
Date: 22.08.2010 v 15:39:07
Note: great pictures

Name: Cicero Hellmann
Date: 10.12.2009 v 21:35:52
Note: I love insects and your site bring a ton of amazing images.
Im suprised with all your pictures.

Name: Matt
Date: 02.12.2009 v 13:20:48
Note: I am looking for a cheap pair(male and female) of dynastes hercules hercules larvae.

contact me:

Name: Matt
Date: 02.12.2009 v 13:16:10
Note: If ever you are selling dynastes hercules hercules larvae, please contact me:

Name: Alex
Date: 18.08.2009 v 20:15:11
Note: I am looking for cheap pairs of stag beetles especially dorcus titanus. If you can regularly supply me with what I am looking for contact me
weefunker at yahoo dot co dot uk

Name: Lucerne
Date: 13.01.2009 v 23:08:40
Note: Good evening. Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have. It's much sexier than any body part.
I am from Canada and bad know English, give true I wrote the following sentence: "Newly developed diets are now on the market which enable anyone to lose weight quickly without starvation."

Thank ;-) Lucerne.

Name: John
Date: 23.10.2008 v 08:24:20
Note: I want to know where I could get a Dynastidae hercules hercules I really want to have it... Does anybody here know where I can get A live specimen near philippines..? I will also get a Chalcosoma Atlas in our country...

Name: li
Date: 30.04.2008 v 15:22:03
Note: We sale all kinds of insect specimen from China in a good price.

Name: Mrs Mawuena Ariba
Date: 02.01.2008 v 12:33:54
I have large collection of unusual/rare insects, mostly Beetles, Scorpion, butterfly from the Volta region of Togo in Africa. I'm the best exporter.
Get from me any hard to find Insects, amphibians, reptiles, animals and birds from Africa.
Best prices,safe and early delivery to your door-step. All specimens supplied with an health/export permission.

Contact me immediately and specify your interest.

Mrs. Mawuena Ariba.
Rue Ave. D'liberation,Km21.
Prefacture D'Golf,
Lome. Togo.
Tel: +228 967 42 52.
Email: aribagardens(at)

Name: ley
Date: 29.09.2007 v 08:30:37
Note: i like this site!many colorfull beetles are here.we have also different species of beetles and butterflies are open for sale.

Name: Bill D
Date: 18.07.2007 v 17:34:15
Note: I have a wonderful insect page with great links and great photos

Name: beetle from africa
Date: 15.07.2007 v 21:15:57
Note: i have available some beetles for sale.those who are interested should mail me back for price list and details

Name: insectman
Date: 15.07.2007 v 21:11:59
Note: hello i have some beetles available get back for more details and price list

Name: insectman
Date: 15.07.2007 v 21:04:59
Note: hello i am having all types of beetles from cameroon wich i will love to give them out to good and honest you get back for some .

Name: timjordan
Date: 05.03.2007 v 04:51:01
Note: I find lots of the Rhinoceros Beetle Insects at my father in laws house. I have heard they can be sold in japan. is that true? If anyone has any info let me know timjordan AT cheerful DOt com

Name: Paul
Date: 18.02.2007 v 01:02:05
Note: Excellent pictures!!! Thank you for sharing them.

Name: rechard
Date: 12.01.2007 v 17:48:55
Note: i want to sell some product

Name: Velvet_faint
Date: 10.01.2007 v 07:53:04
Note: Looking for specimens that can be shipped to USA. Feel free to send me prices and specimen list at myspace name velvet_faint

Name: Tierra Viva Colombia
Date: 08.01.2007 v 16:07:46
Note: AVAILABLE FOR SALE: Colombian beetles.... with all the required Colombian environmental Authorities permissions, we deliver to any place in the world, the highest quality Colombian beetles.

Name: pzagreus
Date: 11.12.2006 v 01:21:06
Note: Dear Collector
I have new stock interested contact me.

Name: kent mun
Date: 30.10.2006 v 06:52:23
Note: Dear Tomas,
I been reply to your email since 18-10-06,but still can't send into your email acc.Do you have hotmail acc? Pls send to me.
By the way can you pls send T.Shimizu (IP : add to me pls again.
Thanks and regards.

Name: pzagreus
Date: 20.10.2006 v 06:01:54
Note: Specimens from Peru.

Name: insecturium cameroon
Date: 10.10.2006 v 18:15:45
Note: what a good site.keep up.we are struggling to have such espacially of the beautifull cameroon insects we have.its really nice work thomas

Name: kent
Date: 30.09.2006 v 16:57:45
Note: Hi Mr Tetsu Shimizu,
Do you interesting in Borneo beetle? if yes pls contact me.

Name: kent
Date: 30.09.2006 v 16:51:46
Note: very best photo but can you provide where the beetle from at the bottom of photo?

Name: Mrs.Kelly Chi
Date: 13.09.2006 v 10:05:21
Note: I deal with variouse types of insect, i have been into this for the past 15 years, with my experience i can give you just the right information and the right insect you need .

Name: T.Shimizu
Date: 31.07.2006 v 04:45:24
Note: I am looking for partners, who can catch "Stag beetles" and export these to Japan.
Professional Dealers are also OK!

Please send me a Mail !

t.shimizu at

Name: Tetsu
Date: 31.07.2006 v 04:39:01
Note: I need partners, who can catch "Stag Beetles" and export these to Japan.
Profesional Dealers are also OK!

Name: david chang
Date: 20.07.2006 v 21:43:07
Note: Hello ,
We are exporters based in theTaiwan, we export raw materials, such as Calcite, Barytes, Manganese Dioxide , Dolomite, Mica , China Clay, MangneseDioxide,Ferrous(Iron ) Oxide,Paints, Rubber,
Plastics, Construction chemicals and we export from Asia and export
into Europe,America and Australia. our company Solenoids Industrial Co. Ltd.
was established in 2001. We are interested in employing your services, to work with us as our payment agent who can help us eastablish a medium of recieving payment on our behalf for Goods and raw materials we supplied to
our customers in Europe,America or Australia.
If you are interested in transacting business with us. we will be very glad.Subject to your satisfaction you will be given the opportunity to negotiate your mode of which we will pay for your services as our representative in Europe,America and Australia. Please if you are interested forward to us your phone/fax number and your full contact address.
Thank you as we await your further response.
Mr.Peter Chang.
Solenoids Industrial Co Ltd.
55 An Suing East 9th Street,
Taichung, Taiwan

Name: Sir. Tambi
Date: 07.06.2006 v 20:31:33
Note: We are a group of you men in Cameroon, specialised in beetle, spider trade. Contact us should in case you need beetles or insects from Cameroon

Name: Shane Shannon
Date: 28.03.2006 v 01:14:50
Note: Hi everyone,I was wondering if anyone had a Dynastes granti.I believe there the biggest beetle in the U.S.A.Please if anyone has a male or a pair email me.

Name: simon
Date: 03.03.2006 v 17:45:54
Note: Just getting into beetles, where can i obtain the large ones the dynastes granti, and hurcules... please help.

Name: pet
Date: 21.01.2006 v 09:23:56
Note: new arrival prosopocoillus giraffa d.

Name: Li-An-Shn
Date: 09.01.2006 v 02:16:33
Note: Dear tomas
happy new year .
Li-An-Shn from Taiwan
Have a nice day

Date: 07.12.2005 v 16:16:10
Note: hi tomas, new arrival of goliathus, stephanocrate sp.,m. regius for exchange.
vist our site

Name: Deven Makhija
Date: 05.12.2005 v 13:26:01
Note: Great site with alot of material useful to researchers

Name: Julius Nyarombe Gesora
Date: 03.12.2005 v 11:41:25
Note: This is extremely the best website!I like visiting it every day!Tomas?You are wonderful!!Congratulations.

Name: victor jessy
Date: 02.12.2005 v 10:23:42
Note: hi albert from canada.pls contact me if you need any beeltes

Name: victor jessy
Date: 02.12.2005 v 10:18:49
Note: i think am a little confused .i have about 40 pairs of goliathus i collected this year and i met a german entomologist by name nicolai klaus who told they have been detected to be edible in germany.anyone knows anytin bout this.pls tell me

Name: albert
Date: 19.11.2005 v 04:53:17
Note: Hi
I'm looking for a dealer who can sell me some live beetles and stagbeetles
I live in Canada B.C and please feel free to mail me

Name: Jessica R
Date: 13.11.2005 v 21:43:02
Note: I love the pictures of these beetles. I'm thinking about purchasing one as a pet. They're just too cute. :3 Someone else posted in your guestbook about finding your page because of the game called 'MushiKing'. They really represent the beetle images accurately. You should check it out. Either way, keep up the good work. Your photos are beautiful.

Name: collins
Date: 01.11.2005 v 12:45:53
Note: Dear buyers , I use this oppotunity to let you know that i have ants,birds,centipedes,chamellions, and millipedes. So, who ever that need them should contact me as sson as possible. thanks phone numbers 234 32 32 55 97

Name: che
Date: 01.11.2005 v 12:37:12
Note: assorted tropical products from Cameroon to offer.
Animal shells and skins, skulls, reptiles , parrots, and goliathus beetles both live and dried
we are looking for reliable partners in Europe Asia and the USA

Name: Jim
Date: 22.09.2005 v 17:20:59
Note: Superb site!I really liked the stunning pictures and the design is professionnal!

Name: mtcam ento farm
Date: 16.09.2005 v 11:27:02
Note: hello thimas nice site.we like insect beauty so we are impressed.others should emulate your great work.

Name: baptiste
Date: 06.09.2005 v 20:05:38
Note: super site et de super photographies

Name: olivia
Date: 26.08.2005 v 14:43:21
Note: Great site with alot of materail useful to researchers
I have golithus and assorted skulls to offer . only serious buyers needed

Date: 23.08.2005 v 20:56:28

Name: Alex Panassov
Date: 24.02.2005 v 08:35:41
Note: Cool website Tomas! Hope to get lots of beetles off you!
Name: Indonesian-Keychains
Date: 04.02.2005 v 21:55:30
Note: Great site .
Name: Markus
Date: 29.01.2005 v 15:44:17
Note: Hello Thomas, very nice designed webpages with a lot of wonderful pictures!!! But it would be nice if you posted some breeding photos or photos of larvae and pupae. Did you take none, or don't you want to show them? Yours, Markus from Germany
Date: 21.12.2004 v 07:28:28
Note: Thank you T omas for your wonderful site I REALLY COMMEND YOU TO CONTINUE LIKE THAT SIR.YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!!!
Name: thomas
Date: 18.12.2004 v 16:44:53
Note: Hello Thomas, congrats to your nice webpage. The first of the two undetermined dungbeetles is in my opinion, Scarabeus variolosus, which is quite common in the eastern mediterranian region. This species is a so named "roller" (males build dungballs and roll them away, with female on top). Continue to do this great job. kind regards thomas
Name: Joshua Oming'o
Date: 18.12.2004 v 14:29:24
Note: Hello Tomas i congetulate you for you'r woundeful web site just go on with more advencing some live goliathus albosignatus are in my stock ask for resonable prices
Name: Cho Emmanuel
Date: 16.12.2004 v 09:47:45
Note: sir it is nice writing to you on business terms.i'm a cameroonian by nationality and 31 years of age./i wish to let you know that i visited tour site andn enjoyed the gallery of insects that i saw.i also want to let you know that i have a collection of insects here that i wish to send to you as my own cotribution in building your site.the is also a second package of insects for sale.As friends i know tou wouldn't hesitate to link me up to genuin buyersplease do well to get the right people for me.the people i first use to work with dubed me before i left them. i hope we enjoy doing business togethe thanks
Date: 14.12.2004 v 16:00:43
Name: valentine boyo
Date: 30.11.2004 v 20:11:35
Note: i love those giant beetles i have some from cameroon
Name: deline
Date: 22.11.2004 v 00:11:58
Note: wow this is an interesting insects site. i love it and i have some beetles to offer from nigeria[africa]
Name: Jesus Orozco
Date: 20.11.2004 v 23:42:36
Note: Great site Go ahead Tomas!!
Name: jennerpen
Date: 19.09.2004 v 07:00:40
Note: I'm looking for some behavioral information on Dynastes granti. I have a male who lies dorsal side down, legs moving against his ventral side and flailing in the air. I right him, but he just flips himself over again. There must be a point to it. Is this post-mating, pre-mating, or pree-death behavior...anyone have any idea? Lovely site, by the way.
Name: Mike
Date: 12.09.2004 v 04:27:33
Note: I recently discovered that there is a person who used information from my website in order to obtain business for himself. I strongly suggest that before you send money or any type of payment, be sure that it is the right person that you are doing business with.A is using this email address The type of insects that he is trying to sell are: Euchirus Dupontianus Goliathus Regius Goliathus Cacicus Goliathus quads white Rethulus Crenatus BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE.
Name: Marvin Mena
Date: 14.08.2004 v 16:05:45
Note: Hi! I got interested in looking for pictures of beetle because I want to make a wallpaper put of them in my blog. Actually, my blog is about a new arcade game involving beetles. I loved the game because I collect cards to play the game. Since you don't accept ads, I couldn't post the source of this video game about beetles. The game is known in english called "Mushiking The King of Beetle"
Name: Dr chesi
Date: 03.08.2004 v 16:35:26
Note: Good Moments, it apleasure that i put before u this my page of advert of good quality owls and snails. i need buyers from far and near of the world.take the advantage of recieving my goods before doing paying provided the buyer proves to be a buyer of goodfaith. thanks Dr chesi
Name: sudro
Date: 16.07.2004 v 14:29:13
Note: Hi. I come from thailand I want to trade lucanidae and dynastidae with my protaetia elegans and oryctes coconuts
Name: Tamás Papp
Date: 13.07.2004 v 18:20:29
Note: Gratulation to Mr Libich! This is one of the best entomologist sites! The gallery is the best in the insect keeping. Best regards Tamás Papp
Name: sudro
Date: 11.07.2004 v 05:39:45
Note: If has trading beetle in this site in asia
Name: Deven
Date: 08.06.2004 v 06:33:42
Note: I love the layout of this site, very nice looking and functional. Nice logo too! hope to visit often. Deven
Name: godlove
Date: 06.06.2004 v 21:18:01
Note: Sir,i need complete picture of a CETONIDAE BEETLE urgent. I will be also glad to get more pictures of insects from u.I am an insect collector based in Kumba-Cameroon.I am happy to visit ur site for my first time. Hope to hear from u soon. Regards, Godlove Kumba-Cameroon.
Name: MJ
Date: 02.06.2004 v 12:04:06
Note: Nice website... Love the new layout ;)
Name: Max
Date: 31.05.2004 v 16:25:41
Note: My compliments for your new design Thomas :-)
Name: Francis Tirwomwe
Date: 15.05.2004 v 17:46:5
Note: Dear Tomas im a new insect business man frrom Uganda and i have liked your site hope in future you can advide more on beetles i thank you very much for such a windefull website making God bless you.
Name: m.morgan
Date: 07.05.2004 v 15:39:0
Note: Dear,Beetle dealers,Iam a new one in this feeld,my working station is in tanzania please any dealers who interested with beetles from Tanzania your allso wellcome. Thank you.
Name: Exotic Resources
Date: 28.04.2004 v 14:04:4
Note: Very great work Tomas,congrats!!. Much M.Torguata and other beetles sp to offer.
Name: Ehab Ahmed
Date: 28.04.2004 v 09:00:1
Note: your site is very good but how can i get some information about Scarabidae
Name: cesar fortino
Date: 13.04.2004 v 18:18:5
Note: My name is Cesar Fortino. and I am of CHILE I interchange insects. Especially coleopterous. The insects in perfect conditions a1. If this one interested. I wait for your response. Regards from chile Write to request the list to exchange insects
Name: paul : france
Date: 16.01.2004 v 18:13:1
Note: bravo tres beau site,superbes photos,desoler je ne maitrise pas l anglais a bientot
Name: benjamin
Date: 11.01.2004 v 22:54:0
Note: hi thomas, you have a niec page, well can you like me to this collecter, name,,,toto email, el roy plaese i have misplace his rael adderss, best regards ben,
Name: Agusyanto Hasan
Date: 22.12.2003 v 18:06:2
Note: I just realized you have such a wonderful website. I didn't know before.
Name: Tom
Date: 18.11.2003 v 15:07:3
Note: Very nice pictures.
Name: juru
Date: 08.11.2003 v 03:41:5
Note: We were impressed and I like them.I'm looking foward to see more pictures.
Name: igwe onye eze
Date: 29.10.2003 v 09:30:2
Note: this is a very good site . keep it up.. i would like to have a beetle
Name: boyblaise
Date: 22.10.2003 v 18:06:3
Note: Thomas,I'm very happy with your phono.But I have some Augosoma and Kriaatzis.Can you post me on you guest book.O.K
Name: Akem Agnes
Date: 22.10.2003 v 17:45:1
Note: i am an entomology collector in cameroon.i like your photo,you have help me very much.i want you to put me in your add page.
Name: Heather CArr
Date: 15.10.2003 v 17:15:1
Note: sweet
Name: Elingoe E E Jeme
Date: 11.10.2003 v 14:10:2
Note: Nevwr been to such a perfect site.Congrats.
Name: Patrick
Date: 18.09.2003 v 08:28:3
Note: awsome site,i like the photo gallery.Great for new guys to see the differences in subspecies :)
Name: Bruno
Date: 31.08.2003 v 23:20:1
Note: Congratulations for this very nice site !!! Pitty that cheatters as Essimbi Forest Insect Project from Cameroon (Jang Tadanze and Djam Fidelia Nageh) take advantage of this opportunity and take honnest people's money!
Name: Vernon
Date: 28.08.2003 v 15:43:2
Note: I really like your site. I also agree with one of the other comments to start a bad dealer or trader page. The Essimbi insect group in Cameroon Africa has scammed me out of my money. Michael Jang Tadanze and Djam Fidelia Nageh are involved. Respectfully submitted, Vernon
Name: Magret
Date: 24.07.2003 v 10:17:3
Note: Thomas, Your page is wonderful. Congratulations friend. Nice photos. I have good species from Tanzania East Africa Dried.A1 quality only
Name: Anthony
Date: 24.06.2003 v 14:08:0
Note: Good work, Continue. As a thank to your work done from me, I will send U 3pcs of Hairy legged spider-Stematopelma calceata. It is a cool page and a challenge to others.
Name: Clemento
Date: 24.06.2003 v 12:33:2
Note: Very nice page....very nice beetles...would like to have some =O)
Name: Emma
Date: 27.05.2003 v 10:55:5
Note: very nice
Name: Hei Kwok
Date: 24.05.2003 v 09:01:2
Note: As i saw the Ad, I saw many message about cheating in internet, can we control those untrustable dealer/ breeders? or can we make a BAD GUY (i.e. their name, bank account, address, sth) list in this web site?
Name: miguel angel
Date: 14.05.2003 v 03:15:3
Note: we are breeding, Dynastes hercules lichyi, Dynastes neptunus and Megasoma elephas in Colombia, we can offer, larvaes, adults
Name: Wladimir
Date: 06.05.2003 v 05:57:2
Note: Tomas!! Very nice and constructive site for all insect lovers!!! If we can help you with your job, let us know, Sincerelly, Wladimir
Name: ivan
Date: 20.04.2003 v 19:02:2
Note: No se enconderan por mucho tiempo
Name: Dawn Blackwell
Date: 10.04.2003 v 23:38:2
Note: This is great!
Name: Rodolfo Kintanar
Date: 06.04.2003 v 09:47:2
Note: I'm Rudy Kintanar. I'm with the butterfly and insect conservation foundation here in the Philippines. We are working on how to conserve Philippine butterflies and insects.
Name: Roberto B.
Date: 03.03.2003 v 18:59:2
Note: Hello, my name is Robert and it interests the interchange to me of coleopteros of any part of the world, story with CHILEAN Chiasognathus, and other coleopteros.
Name: Sulaiman Tulungi
Date: 14.02.2003 v 16:41:0
Note: Nice see your website
Name: Guy (Belgium)
Date: 07.02.2003 v 23:27:2
Note: Tomas, very nice site and what a NICE pictures !!! Regards. Guy
Date: 28.01.2003 v 10:37:4
Note: Wow!it is a great site,we have a great quantity of Cameroonian Cetonids and stag beetles to offer.Regards
Name: Peeter
Date: 08.12.2002 v 00:47:4
Note: Wonderful site with very nice pictures.Thank's Tomas!
Name: Li
Date: 13.11.2002 v 11:55:5
Note: Hi ~~~~ beetle from Taiwan exchange
Name: Jorge Jensen
Date: 21.10.2002 v 01:59:5
Note: Sorry Tomas!!!!!
Name: Tomas
Date: 17.10.2002 v 19:41:0
Note: Dear Jorge, for you is here Insect ads !! this is guest Book ! No ads !! Thx.
Date: 17.10.2002 v 02:59:1
Note: Scarabs for collectors! Great quality, all the exemplary quality A-1!! Mainly Cerambycidae, Scarabaeidae, Buprestidae, Cicindelidae, Carabidae, etc. Request my listing of species!
Name: Moki Elinge Jeme
Date: 03.10.2002 v 10:41:0
Note: Very excellent website for exotic beetles. I have some African stag beetles to offer.-natalesis,H gladiator,p savagei.
Name: Tomas
Date: 01.10.2002 v 19:07:5
Note: I am sorry for bug in GuestBook, GuestBook is now running OK !
Name: Thomas Müller
Date: 30.06.2002 v 21:52:5
Note: is amazing, I always come back to your wonderful page and study the pic`s! Good job - go ahead!
Name: henry
Date: 29.06.2002 v 21:29:2
Note: Hi good job for your photo's gallery,also I need to buy pair of alive P.Mulleri(rainbow stag beetles from Australia!)Thanks.Cheers.Henry.
Date: 17.06.2002 v 23:00:1
Note: I have Scarabaeidae,Cerambycidae and Gen.Carabus of the world
Name: Ikuma
Date: 07.05.2002 v 04:55:0
Note: Hi! I found this site by your writing in guestbook of Japanese beetle website. I like this site and I will come back again!
Name: Luis Garcia
Date: 03.03.2002 v 04:30:1
Note: Thomas, Your page is wonderful. Congratulations friend. Nice photos.
Date: 10.01.2002 v 19:41:5
Note: intercambio de coleopteros. me interesan cetonidae...goliathus...
Name: j
Date: 05.01.2002 v 15:11:3
Note: Very NICE updated site...when you offer larvae for sale? Interesting species...bookmarked 4 favorites ;-)
Name: Thomas
Date: 06.10.2001 v 00:11:2
Note: Hello Sebastian and Charlie, Thanks you much.
Name: Sebastian Kenjewala
Date: 05.10.2001 v 11:01:5
Note: I like to know how to breed beetles also. ur website is magnificient indeed
Name: Charlie Kuo
Date: 01.10.2001 v 02:04:0
Note: Great website, Thomas! Really like the new layout. Keep up the excellent work! ^_^
Name: Thomas
Date: 19.09.2001 v 21:07:3
Note: Sorry for any non-function links, page is under construct. Omlouvam se za nejake nefunkcni odkazy, stranky jsou v uprave
Name: Thomas
Date: 08.09.2001 v 19:06:1
Note: Welcome to my site and guestbook.

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